Welcome to Bambini Talent Group.

Australia's leading agency for young stars in fashion, photography, and acting!With a passion for nurturing talent, we provide a dynamic platform where kids can thrive.

Join us on a captivating journey where creativity meets professionalism, and your child's potential takes center stage. Discover the magic at Bambini Talent Group, where every moment is a chance for your little one to shine brightly in the world of fashion, photography, and acting!

For Our Clients

We pride ourselves on selecting the most suitable and charming young talent to bring your campaigns to life, ensuring a perfect match that resonates with your brand's vision and captivates your audience.

For Our Talent

Unlock exciting opportunities for your child as we work tirelessly to get them booked on a variety of captivating jobs, ensuring each experience is a stepping stone towards their bright future in the world of modelling.

A New Beginning

Embarking on an exciting journey of transformation, Bambini is undergoing a vibrant rebranding to elevate our image, redefine standards and continue to provide unparalleled opportunities for young talent.