LAUREN BRYANT – Tween Model Search Finalist

Name: Lauren Bryant

Age: 9

Who would you say is your role model? Why?

Mum, because she is very kind and she always encourages me in all the little things that I do. She reminds me that the most important things are to be happy and healthy and to be nice to other people.

What’s one item you can’t leave your house without? Why?

My iPod, because I love to listen to music and dance, I can also entertain myself wherever I am going. It has lots of Katy Perry music and games on it.

How do you enjoy spending your weekends?

I love being outdoors, sometimes playing cricket in the backyard with my family and going to the beach.  I also love going out for dinner with my family and friends.

What do you love about Gumboots clothing?

I love the colours of the Gumboots clothing and their style makes me think of’ Summer Holidays’.  My favourite piece of clothing is my Gumboots crochet shorts that are soft pink and I love to wear them with a Gumboots yellow singlet, a white top and my pink ballet flats.